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Congratulations to our 2023 Committed Players!!

Kendall Reda-Fehsal

2023 Rider University

Rebecca Hai

2023 Canisius University

Based in Sparta NJ

The primary goal of the Black Diamonds program is to push the girls to be the best they can be as individual players, teammates and play as a team. At each age level, this means playing top competition, a relentless pursuit in getting better individually and dedication to the program & your team. Nothing more and nothing less. Everything we do is to prepare our girls to shine on the field, compete as young athletes and attain their on & off the field goals pertaining to softball.

Play Hard
Play Smart
Play Together

“You are not here because you are average; you are here because you have ability. We are going to push you and challenge you not because of what you can’t do, but because how special you can be”


2023-24 Tryouts!

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